A New Paradigm On The Cosmos And Human Existence

TED talk video above offers an excellent introduction overview on how the foundation of our physical reality is constructed from information.

Like sound waves and breathing, the cosmos system functions through cycles of expansion (i.e. big bang) and contraction (i.e. big crunch). Expansion and contraction are opposing binary dualities that are found (like fractals) throughout the microcosm atomic level to the macrocosm cosmological level. Some more examples:

1. Contraction / Negative / 0 / Black / Reactive / Entropy / Repulsion / input etc.
2. Expansion / Positive / 1 / White / Creative / Syntropy / Attraction / output etc.

The consequences of these (and other) binary dualities allow relativity to exist within the cosmos.

So the cosmos system does not exist by chance. The cosmos is a macrocosm of a huge corporation that is made from and interacts with information. Like a corporation, the cosmos has billions of regions called galaxies. Each region has billions of divisions called solar systems. Each division has production centers called planets. Guiding the cosmos is a CEO. Like in all corporations, the absolute main job of the CEO is to allocate resources and look for new growth opportunities. Society has labeled the cosmos CEO as God. In typical hierarchical structure, below the CEO is a leadership team comprised of numerous levels of executives and managers. Society has labeled that cosmos leadership team as angles. Below the leadership team are the workers. Society has labeled those cosmos workers as sentient beings. A corporation exists to produce a diverse product offering. In turn, the cosmos also exists to produce a diverse product offering called New Information. So the business purpose of the cosmos is to continually produce New Information.

Within the cosmos, all sentient life resides in the Milky Way galaxy. But of all the planets in the Milky Way, the botanical and biological life on Earth has the highest level of: challenge, diversity, conflict, competition, and adaptation. In total, Earth has the highest density/intensity level of life (i.e. physical challenges). On Earth, a blade of grass will crack concrete in its push towards the sun. Life is able to exist in the depths of freezing oceans to the depths of volcanic lava. Life on Earth also has the highest density/intensity level of thought/emotion (i.e. cognitive challenges). Humans have the highest level of cognitive aspects, which includes the entire emotional duality spectrum from: rage to tranquility, bonding to rejection, hate to compassion, despair to elation, intolerance to empathy, and failure to success. This immense thought/emotion range gives a human the potential to kill millions of others or to sacrifice themselves for millions of others, and all levels of action in between. In societal terms, humans have the most potential to commit the highest evil to the highest good. Consequently, our immense emotional and physical challenge spectrum gives human interaction the highest potential to produce the most New Information. More in depth explanation on: AntonKrutz.com/physics

Whichever organization implements the new paradigm outlined within this site first will attain an unmatched competitive advantage within their business or science ecosystem.

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