How Trump Thinks And Why He Wins

Every new field that Trump enters always has experts predicting that Trump will fail, be it in the field of real estate, media, politics, economics, etc. But Trump keeps winning. Therefore his continuous success, in radically different fields, cannot be accidental and must have a foundation in strategic thinking. So Trump has strategy, he is just playing a different game than everyone else. For instance, most everyone’s strategy is like a methodical game of chess, slowly building one small win upon the next. In contrast, Trump’s strategy is like a hyper changing game of Othello, where seemingly massive losses can be suddenly flipped to wins in the end.

But no one has understood how Trump’s thinking accomplishes this. The external aspect that gets noticed most is Trump’s intensely emotional language and communication style. This is assumed by everyone to be detrimental behavior due to lack of self-control. Not so. This action is also strategic. Trump’s language/communication purposefully serves to distract/misdirect opponents by triggering them while simultaneously attracting/bonding with followers by engaging them.

Even those closely working with Trump, like former White House council Don NcGahn, at best can only acquire peripheral insight into Trump’s thinking. A recent AP article highlighted an interview with McGahn in which McGahn noted about Trump: “He goes through a decision-tree faster than anyone I’ve seen, to get where he thinks the situation is going to go…. He thinks differently than anyone else I’ve represented.”

While McGahn’s observation is completely right, the actual process of how Trump thinks still remains a mystery. This is because Trump has a unique asymmetric thinking process, like that of the greatest military leaders in history of; Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Genghis Kahn and Napoleon. These leaders continuously faced immense adversity, along with overwhelming odds, and still won within the political/military field. Trump is just doing it now within the political/economic field.

In order to truly understand how this thinking process is unique, a new breakthrough paradigm on the brain/mind dynamic needs to first be outlined. This dynamic can be explained through computer terminology; where the brain is like an adaptive biological motherboard while the mind is a separate operating system that runs and restructures the brain. In turn, the mind is comprised of a dual operating system of intelligence and emotion. Because intelligence and emotion function through processes is why each is also a system. Now, a quick breakdown of each system.

The human intelligence system is comprised of multiple components of; the Self-intelligence, along with Creative, Reactive and Rational intelligence. The principal dynamic agent is the Self intelligence, the component humans perceive and identify them self to be, which includes the core attributes of personality, talents and interests. The Self intelligence learns from external experiences and from the internal information presented to it by Creative, Reactive and Rational intelligence. This information is presented as choices for each Self intelligence to analyze and make decisions on.

The human emotion system has functions of:

  • Imparting context to information by attaching itself to all intelligence components, except for Rational intelligence.
  • Giving the Self intelligence the feelings of significance, passion, purpose and drive. Furthermore, emotion also provides physiological guidance, which is labeled as intuition.
  • Being a catalyst for the force and transmission capacity of intelligence. Then the more intense the emotion, the more that emotion is able to increase the force and transmission capacity of intelligence.

So this is the internal process of the mind components of intelligence and emotion that can be understood, in essence, as human thought. (Deeper insight and video on this paradigm at: This process of interaction between your self and your separate thoughts is so seamless and fluid that most humans considered their thinking to be the function of one solitary unit. But it is not. Those humans who do not sense their self, and the decisions they make, as distinct from the interactive thought choices provided to them lack the ability to be creative and are thereby labeled within Psychology to have a ‘fixed mindset’. Those humans that do have that self-awareness are labeled to have a ‘growth mindset’. Societal disruptors like Trump and all breakthrough innovators naturally have a strong ‘growth-mindset’ awareness. (Deeper insight at:

Most humans also automatically rely on their Rational thought, which is slow and methodical because it does not have emotion attached. Rational thought at its core contains only old information that was attained through learning. So only slow aggregation of old information into something new can be achieved with Rational thinking, which is a highly valued attribute in stable fields like math, science, engineering etc. But Creative and Reactive thought at their core always contain original information and ideas that can be used in more dynamic fields and conditions. Therefore humans within fields that have continuously changing, complex and challenging conditions need to use Creative and Reactive thought. But most humans use this thinking incidentally and tentatively. In contrast, Trump has a naturally developed ability to purposefully and aggressively use his emotionally intense Creative and Reactive thought as tools. Furthermore, Trump uniquely does this by using Creative and Reactive thought as counterpoints against the other to attain the widest scope of original ideas with the best potential for success. This asymmetric process produces profound, and incredibly fast thought experiments. The effect of this type of thinking can come across and seem like instability, but it is not. This type of thinking is what enables Trump, like the aforementioned military leaders, to continuously develop dynamic strategies that outflank his opponents.

The irony is that complex and challenging conditions, like geopolitics and global economics, force most humans to slow down their thinking and become even more cautious/tentative to develop strategies. This reaction becomes a distinct advantage for Trump because the speed and scope of his thinking expands proportionally to the challenges around him. This means that Trump actually becomes more emboldened and has a greater ability to win against opponents in his current more challenging conditions than he did even in his past less challenging conditions. That is why when Trump now simultaneously takes on the entire media establishment, democratic party, deep state, global elite and opposing nations — the advantage to win is always with Trump.

This type of thinking, to purposefully and aggressively use mind components as tools can now be learned through a new breakthrough training called the ITP (Innovative Thinking Process) at: