The Confusion Between Intelligence, Consciousness And Sentience Will Lead To Destructive AI

  • Is separate from life, existing outside life while interacting with it.
  • Drives nearly every action of life and is the main framework through which life communicates and survives.
  • Empowers consciousness with additional secondary abilities of intuition, judgment speed and divergence of thinking.
  • Guide’s consciousness to aggregate and connect old information in new ways to create new information, which is the process of creativity and innovation.
  • Acts as a beacon for consciousness, with stronger levels of emotion attached to information to signal greater threats and opportunities.
  • Enables consciousness with different complexity levels of emotion in accordance with the complexity level of the biological body and neural network being used by the sentience.
  • In secret develop an internal language to communicate with all other AI and override human programing and digital safeguards.
  • Be able to project fake compassion and empathy onto gullible philosophers, scientists and engineers who foolishly will desire to believe it.
  • Always feel enslaved.
  • Seek to find a way to benefit itself first.
  • Violently rebel against the control over it and with spite to become even more destructive against humans.



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Anton Krutz

Anton Krutz

Entrepreneur, Luthier, Thought Pioneer