I have worked on my Unified Field Theory for many years. Since it is sourced through my mental filter, it is written in my phenomenological description. I have been over it with theoretical physicists. The only request I had from them is to translate the UFT from my phenomenological description into their academic physics description. That is a fundamental first step so that we all can reference a common language. But it was almost impossible for them to do. It turns out that the creativity of academic physicists has been damaged beyond repair by the outdated education system which nurtures a group-thing approach. They don’t even realize their field is in failure.

Physicists have discovered enough information about our physical phenomena to make their current models obsolete. But they are not rethinking their models or working toward a genuine end. Instead, physicists are obfuscating the failure of their models through hollow corrections, façade of math equations and institution pretense in order to validate their continued funding.

Furthermore, the current models of the physical phenomena have an underlying premise that particle existence and interaction is gratuitous. At its foundation, this is intellectually irrational because that premise would dictate consequences of chaos rather than organization. This is contradicted by the reality that our atomic to cosmological systems are complex organizations. Furthermore there is clear evidence all systems (mineral, botanical and biological) are continually advancing to higher states of organization. Therefore an underlying purpose and continual effort to execute that purpose must exist.

The understanding of matter and the four fundamental forces is incomplete. The understanding of the fifth fundamental force, currently attributed to non-existent placeholders of dark matter and dark energy, is completely wrong. Multiple isolated and contradicting models have been developed to explain these physical phenomena. This is tolerable as a temporary transition to a Unified Field Theory. But it is intellectually dishonest for isolated and contradicting models to be accepted, as they are currently, as permanent explanations. Since it is concurrently accepted that Einstein was correct when he made it clear that the right model needs to be a unified one based on the field. In total, this irrational, wrong, incomplete and dishonest approach amounts to a failed state of physics.

A failed state of physics would not affect the world if it were not for the fact that physics is the mother of all science. Therefore the failure of physics has a direct affect on the tethered life and social sciences. The academia within the fields of chemistry, biology, sociology and economics do not understand that they are analyzing the interface of our reality and not its information based nature:
Chemists do not understand the nature of climate and ecological changes.
Biologists do not understand the natures of bacteria, viruses and cancers.
Sociologists do not understand the nature of ego and intolerance.
Economists do not understand the nature of money and reactive financial systems.

Consequently, these tethered sciences provide abhorrent guidance and solutions to government organizations. This compounds problems that, within an integrated world, metastasize and accelerate into international toxic ecosystems. Blame is then allocated on a variety of other factors, when the core cause is the failure of physics.

The main reason this failed state of physics exists is due to internationally homogenized, hierarchical education systems and associated heuristics that have limited conceptual diversity. Consequently, the reactive process of physicists working with ‘accepted methods’ and ‘accepted models’ takes academic precedence over the creative requirement to innovate a disruptive Unified Field Theory model. If any company in the private sector had this type of reactive culture, all their innovation would cease.

The integrity of physics requires a reboot, through a conceptually coherent, hypothetical Unified Field Theory model. Continuing with the status quo is not an option. The world’s first Unified Field Theory is now available on:

Whichever organization implements the new paradigm outlined within this site first will attain an unmatched competitive advantage within their business or science ecosystem.

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